People who Inspire : Ovidiu Slatineanu

Tell us a bit about yourself !
I’m Ovidiu Slatineanu, 32 years old, and I live in Piatra Neamt, Romania. I’m the one behind the Facebook page Cucuteni, a page sustained by the Neokoolt NGO 
I’m also an artist : painter and  photographer. Decodrip, generative arts, it’s my latest art project inspired from spots of oil floating on water. I’ve developed an art manner that I call Neuroplasticism. The project it’s still running. As a photographer I love the Black&White Photography, as a shooter I like monochrome, the photojournalism style. For the past 5 years I have participated at some exhibitions, won some prizes, still waiting for chance to happen 🙂
What does the word “passion” mean to you ?
Passion is still a word that I wait to understand. I am working each day on that ! 
How did your interest for history ignite ?
I don’t know if there is faith or a mistake, but my first visit at the Cucuteni Museum was life changing for me : like I was remembering my future. Just a simple visit at the museum. I was sent there by my Art teacher to deliver a book.  I don’t know yet if I got to thank that man or hate him …working on this “problem” too 😉
What is the beauty of Romania ?
The beauty of Romania ?!?  Romania, in my opinion, is a perfect country : with 4 perfect seasons, with all kinds of relief structures, with traditions old enough to compete at “the most amazing people in the world” contest, but more important it’s the history of this country which starts 7000 years ago with the Cucuteni Culture. Before the glory that was in Greece and Rome, even before the first cities of Mesopotamia or temples along the Nile, there lived in the Lower Danube Valley and the Balkan foothills people who were ahead of their time in art, technology and long-distance trade.
Old Europe was among the most culturally rich regions in the world. Its inhabitants lived in prosperous agricultural towns. The ubiquitous goddess figurines found in their houses and shrines, have triggered intense debates about women’s roles.
What are the meaningful parts of Romania that could inspire people outside Romania ?
Romania is known world wide for Dracula, Ceausescu & Hagi … I think Romania should be more than that. The origins of Europe started on the actual land which is Romania. Here is discovered, for the first time,  copper, the wheel, the Yin & Yang symbol, the first cities in Old Europe are also from this country : speaking for the neolithic period 5000 BC.  I suppose that the more actual stories people already know them:  penicillin, the first fountain pen, the jet engine, the Danube Delta, the Sphinx, Sarmisegetusa Regia, Bucovina painted eggs, the Happy graveyard from Sapanta, the Carpathians, Doina, Stephan the Great. 
Who are your present day role models ?

It’s hard to speak about someone in particular. I’m more the kind of guy who appreciates people who try their best for solving a problem: the greater the problem, the greater the man. So anyone could have a chance to be my role model ! 

Who are your heroes from the past ?
I like very much the work of some people: Salvador Dali, Man Ray, Van Gogh, Leonardo daVinci, those are my favourite artists. As I told you, I was inspired by many actions of many people. I guess that Humanism is my hero.
What is the most exciting part of your work ?
Finding new (old) things is, “WOW” !  That’s why I choose Archaeology ! 
Why is history important ?
History provides us with information about how people lived in those days, so, we have the opportunity to compare where we (the world), did it wrong or good nowadays. I think it’s like a reminder . “Hey ! This is not your Planet! There was people before you and there will be people long after you ! So keep calm and study History!”
What are the values of Romania, in your view ?
Romania is, in my opinion, the new future trend in History and Tourism
If you look out the window, today, 2014, what do you see ?
I see a planet that is old enough and who deserves my respect. Everything is important. We are everything.

2 thoughts on “People who Inspire : Ovidiu Slatineanu

  1. “this planet”… it will be old enough, only when… it will… disappear…
    … we discover, day by day, such beautiful and interesting and… new things…
    …our “planet” is too… young, for people like us… after all…

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