Father Tanase

I have  big respect for the work of Father Tanase in Valea Screzii and Valea Plopului. He and his staff, are helping children and others in need  in a way that you seldom see, these days.  The first time we met he said ” Parle la langue de l’amour, c’est tout”. That means ” Speak the language of love, that’s all”.


His warm soul and big heart melts the cold ice here in Scandinavia.  When people come to donate things for OneItem, they also come with their hearts open and we talk about real, meaningful things. What it means to be human, what it means to act in kindness.



One thought on “Father Tanase

  1. I respect what are you doing Yvette, you are doing a lot more than many romanian people do, but I subscribe to almost everything this guy says. I’m a romanian and I had enought about all this shit. I live in Scandinavia for 3 years already and you guys live a really comfortable life here indeed, but we don’t need to live like you. People around the world need to understand that “civilized” countryes like USA, Scandinavians, Germany, Russia, Arab countries, all of them had and still have a strong interest for Romania and all of them contribute to the coruption and poverty in Romania today!! No goverment really want to help improving the situation! We people fighted with all this scumbags generations after generations and we will never stop!
    Please change the perspective about how you promote Romania and what kind of help we really need, because we really do not need what other people thow! Those kids need schools and good teachers, jobs for their parents and peace! Nothing else, no used clothes or toys, or other crap like that! Please try to really help by solving the problems if you can do that.

    With respect,

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