Rediscovery of human values in Romania

In Romania there are many valuable things that are still kept alive , things that we, in the west slowly forgot about.  I feel very lucky that I was brought back to Romania in 2011.  I have  been on an exploration journey ever since 2011.  The meeting with Romania feels like coming home.

What are the valuable things I am thinking of ?

Common sense kindness for example. The Romanians had to struggle, and still struggle a lot in their everyday lives. They have to fight for many things. I have noticed that those fights also tied people together. When I travel in Romania I always feel like I am treated exceptionally well. People are so heartfelt kind and hospitable.


Waste. I think twice if I throw away something. People in Romania are more respectful to things such as clothes, water, electricity,  and food.

Helping others. From the OneItem initiative I came close to poverty and close to those people who dedicated their lives to helping others, in an admirable way. I feel very humble and respectful towards those people who fight poverty and who help children.

Growing one’s garden with food. It really struck me when I traveled with train, from Cluj to Constanta, last year, how people are growing gardens full of food in Romania. Yes, it is true, the climate is in their favour, but still. I think it was inspiring to see how people are using the land to grow their own food. What if we all did ? Think of the domino effect of that !

Spirituality. In the west we forgot about this. Most things are measured by scientifical proof and there is little space for the magic of life happening. We conform and we become robots in the lands of efficiency.


In the west people think with their  heads and in Romania we think with our hearts. Romania is a country of grand stories, legends and beauty. Romania has an amazing, vivid folklore and the IA ( The Romania Blouse) should, in my view, be part of a World Heritage Trust.



These are a few of the human values that I rediscovered as I am exploring Romania.

Acasa. Home.

2 thoughts on “Rediscovery of human values in Romania

  1. Many Thanks for your kind words! the problem here is that many romanians try to catch western countries from Europe from behind,i mean all wants to be like people from West,leaving our traditions ,culture.somehow on low level, like we are ashamed about our culture,and embracing all what western corporations implemented here, almost everywhere etc ,…,romanians immigrate in mass in European Union,especially in Spain (first minority etnic as number there),Italy or France where are working and living millions romanians citizens,some of them wants to comeback,others…don’t 😦

    1. ….and ….. There ARE many initiatives that are developing now in Romania, where people work with kids , with culture to take care of your cultural heritage and treasure that is Romania!!!

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