Bucharest is a survivor. She should be protected, loved and respected. Let’s give her a chance to unveil her beauties.

Interview with Ana Adamoae from Ana’s Guided Tours to Bucharest.


We are talking about branding Bucharest as a European capital. Here are some questions that I am curious to hear your answers to. 

  1. What is the identity of Bucharest ?  

It’s very hard to pick one identity forBucharest, as its history is so complex and complicated, and so many different influences can be spotted throughout its quarters. Bucharest is a mix of Oriental and Western flavours and features, specific to a city that stands for centuries at the crossroads of these two worlds. I’d called it a beautiful mozaique.

Photos : Ana Adamoae

2. If Bucharest was a human being, how would you describe he/she ?

I always think of Bucharest as being a lady, despite the fact that Bucuresti has a male resonance in Romanian. For me, Bucharest is lady born in a noble family, very elegant and smart witted, whose destiny was not so fortunate and brought upon her a series of tragic events. During her worst years, this lady lost her fortune, and moreover was forced to live as a Cinderella.  But once more, she managed to overcome all her downsides and now she’s recovering from of her former glory.

3. What is it that you miss when you are not in Bucharest ?

So far I was not away from Bucharest more than a couple of days, so I didn’t experience the home sick.

I suppose I’d miss my long strolls along the historical hidden streets of the city.

4. Which are the 5 five best cafes and restaurants in Bucharest where YOU like to go to ?

It’s not an easy job to choose the best 5 cafes and restaurants, as I have so many favourite spots around the city.

The places I go quite often are, randomly put as making a top is very hard, Primus Pub, Manuc’s Restaurant, Gradina OAR, City Grill Primaverii and Infinitea.   

5. Which restaurants have the best traditional food and best ambiance ? 

If I have to recommend a Romanian traditional restaurant, this would be Manuc’s Restaurant.

6. Which are the museums that you would take traveler to Bucharest ?

My favourite museums in Bucharest, always included in my tours, are the former Royal Palace today the National Art Museum, Cotroceni Palace, Casa Melik (the oldest private house still standing in Bucharest), The Village Museum and, close to the city, Mogosoaia Palace.

7. Which stories would you share about Bucharest ?

There are thousands of stories that should be told about Bucharest, and I know only a small part 😊. I usually tell everybody one I consider to be essential for understanding the city.

Bucharest is anything but a regular European Capital, whose history and past are relatively easy to be unfold by foreigners. Sometimes even Romanians misjudge it and label Bucharest wrongly as being ugly and noisy and not worth to visit.

But once you learn that it was torn apart over and over again during the centuries either by human beings, or natural disasters you’ll understand it is a survivor. And survivors should be respected, loved and, most of all, protected. Therefore, we all should give this city a chance to unveil its beauties.

8. Which festivals  / events do YOU like best in Bucharest ? 

My favourite festival is Bucharest International Theatre Festival B-FIT, as they succeed in bringing here some amazing theatre companies specialized in street performances from different corners of Europe. Bucharest still lacks urban events and street perfomances are not something common. And I also like every cultural event about Bucharest’s history.

9. What is your favourite summer Saturday in Bucharest ? 

Hmm, tough question. Whenever I have an afternoon off, no necessarily on a Saturday, I like to explore old Bucharest. I pick a quarter and stroll until my feet hurt 😊 I admire the old beautiful houses trying to guess their architectural style and also their history. I take photis and most of them are posted on my Facebook page.

10. Who are some charismatic Bucharest people you know ?

I don’t know famous or charismatic people, but I am lucky to have friends which love Bucharest. And I also follow on Facebook and Instagram several young people who do their best to show the world that our Bucharest is a charming city.

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