The Bucharest Lounge is a place for spreading the word about funky Bucharest and beautiful Romania. This blog saw the light of the day because of pure enthousiasm to get the crowds back to Romania !!!

For me, as a Swede, Romania was in a way a “black hole” until  September 2011. I never read about it for years,  never saw anything in media about it, more than the stereotypical picture we see in the news and I think :   it’s about time now !

I visited Mamaia in 1985 and those were other times.

Me, my mum and my grand-parents in Mamaia 1985.

Communism times. In 1989 there was the so called  Revolution and ever since Romania has been developing rapidly. I would like to make Romania a destination for traveling again.

I hope you become curious about this country and what it has to offer. I hope some Romanians  feel the kick in the butt and start marketing this gorgeous, beautiful country that has so much to offer. It’s like a hidden gem. Waiting to be discovered. Potential waiting to be unlocked. Work to be done. Sorry, but spreading pictures and texts on webpages  and Facebook that are only in Romanian doesn’t do the trick if wanting the world to come and visit. Write in English (and any other language! )  and spread them. Voila !

There is so much to see and do. To bottom-line it : Bucharest itself is a dynamic, eclectic, fantastic town with lots of gorgeous architecture spiced up with modern buildings. It’s a modern, southern European funky city. – With all the commodities you ever wish for.

Then there are the Carpathian Mountains where you can ski  &  The Black Sea Coast 2 hrs away from Bucharest, where you can live happily whole summer. Climate is pleasant. Food is very natural and tasty. Wine is abundant. Language is Latin-based and culture too.

Just to mention a few great things there.

The world just need to know !

This is The Bucharest Lounge where I rebrand Romania since 2011.


Yvette Larsson







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  1. Hey, I am really enjoying this blog and I am glad some people still see the beauty of this country 🙂 Congratulations !!!

    1. Hi Catalina, Thanks, I m happy to hear you like it. I think it’s about time for Romania to market itself. This is my little contribution. I love Romania. I feel at home here. I often feel like a travel pioneer when I am here, as there are hardly any tourists here. I think it will come, tourism.

  2. I love blogs like these; foreign people giving us their honest opinion of our country. Romanians tend to be pessimistic about the future, but I think we’re on the right track.

    1. Stefan ! Thank you ! I write from “my heart”. Yes, some optimism and leadership is needed. I can understand it’s hard. However, Romanians ARE strong people with a lot of endurance. Change come from people.

  3. good morning Yvette,

    thank you :)) thank you ::)) your postings have touched me in a special way. I am grateful to you . it is such a blessing for us to have people like you living among us. people who can spot our beauty and wilderness and to honor that and DO something about it. thank you for your gift to us all 🙂

    Anda Roman

    1. :-))) Thank YOU for your very KIND comment. I think ALL of us can see beauty if we have presence enough to see it. With Romania, I think lots of people from the west need to put aside some negative assumptions and pre-disposed judgements. Romania is RICH with natural resources and people here are AMAZING. That’s what I want to spread here 🙂

  4. As a Romanian currently at college in Sweden, I’d like to say that I both love your blog and hate it in the same time. I love it because you pretty much describe Romania as it is, without personal opinions. It’s true that people seem to get by for 200 Euros a month and still have a car and all that. We’re just more… minimalist, and, as you might have noticed until now, there’s one thing we do love and would never give up: a table full of food.

    I hate your blog because I was planning to stay in Sweden, but your blog is making me miss home even more and giving me reasons to come back, something I didn’t really need, I already have too many conflicting plans…

    Keep writing, keep enjoying, and please, don’t hesitate to point out the bad things about the country. There’s plenty of them, and we’d love to hear about them as long as you also propose a different way of doing things or an idea on how to go about solving it. I was always keen to learn how Swedes to things differently, and I’m sure people back home would be keen on seeing a different perspective also.

    If there’s one difference that I’ve noticed to be the greatest between Romania and Sweden is people. Architecture, food, culture – they are different but not so much, you can easily integrate in both cultures (I know I did in Sweden) – but people… the way they interact, think and react to things, that’s different for me.

    For example, talk about the small street corner shops, and the difference in the cashier. Tell me what you noticed between those in Romania and those in Sweden.

    1. Haha ! What a wonderful comment from you. Detailed and sharp. I like that . Yes, I could talk about the bad things and the challenges in Romania too. If you read a few of my posts from earlier you ll see that I do SOME of that too. HOWEVER, it’s a conscious choice of mine to show the beautiful and meaningful parts and perspectives of Romania, as I think there is enough bad press about Romania as it is !!!!

      Thanks for the ideas of writing about the small corner shops and the differences in the cashier 🙂 I ll post something about shopping in general, I think.

      Stay in touch !

  5. Nice blog, Yvette, I really enjoy the positive aspect of it. I have been to Romania 6 times and plan to eventually live there. Mostly I have been to Bucuresti, but I have visited Craiova, Brasov, Targoviste, and Mare neagra. Everywhere I have been I meet some really incredible, sharing people and I do like to eat 🙂 The life there is quite relaxing for me and to have the time just for a chat at an outdoor cafe or just a walk….it’s a lot different from what I have known most of my life! I share your enthusiasm for Romania 🙂 Keep up the good and positive writing.

    1. Thanks Gary, Yes, Romania is a fascinating place that I am very attracted too. My mission is to share the beautiful and meaningful sides of Romania. There is enough of bad press. I hope people will come visit Romania and get a positive surprise :-))))

  6. yeah, great blog! romanians here and everywhere in the world will surely give you a hand in promoting your blog. i think it’s also great to have an international person promoting your country as well. maybe it looks more trusty and objective. that’s why we’ve got you 🙂 i will share your blog and facebook page with my friends and we’ll try to send you pictures or interesting info that you might use. greetings, Manuela
    p.s. in the form below – my website is still under construction so i’m not sure you can have it of any use at this point

    1. Thank you Manuela, yes, Romania needs some great publicity too. I want to share the beautiful and meaningful parts or Romania to paint a more “true” picture, as opposed to the negative image portrayed here in western Europe- Romania has lots of challenges, but has lots of beautiful things too ! I feel home there….:-))) All the BEST, Yvette

  7. Hi Yvette, I was pleasantly surprised to find this blog and I spent quite some time reading your posts. It brings to my mind very old times, I left Romania in 1983 and moved to California dreaming to become a car designer. After graduation from Art Center, I got my first job with… Volvo. Yes, in Goteborg.
    Now I am back in Los Angeles, teaching car design in my old school.
    I visit Bucharest from time to time and I hope this coming spring to get a week to fly to Romania.
    I really enjoy your comments and pics. Congratulations, you do a great job.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year!

  8. Good morning Yvette,
    reading your blog made me feel that I am doing nothing for my country of birth. I live outside Romania for more that 10 years now, and very rarely I have seen such an honest and genuine effort at presenting Romania. Thank you for doing this.

  9. Hi Yvette,
    I came across with your blog and facebook page accidentally and it happened to simply adore both of them 🙂 As a Romanian national who at the moment had to leave the country because of her studies, every single picture or nice words about Romania make me feel happy. It’s good to know that out there are still people who can actually see the potential my country has as a touristic point on the European map 😀
    From now on, I will follow both your blog and your facebook page because I really want to (re)discover my Romania through the eyes of a foreigner 🙂

    best whishes,
    Carmina Telpesel

  10. simply unbelievable. thanks for the efforts and enthusiasm. unfortunately at the moment I don’t share the same enthusiasm as you, but hopefully things will gonna change soon (both with me, and with the country in general). keep up the good work, now we’re really proud to spread your blog, at least 😀

  11. Hej Yvette!
    Kul att du dessa tankar och känslor till Rumänien.
    Du är välkommen att återkomma oss fortsätta att njuta av vår region pittoreska såsom Transfagarasan – Arges Valley, Maramures, Prahova – Valley, Bukovina, Olt – Valley, Dambovita,Rucar – Sibiu ……
    Det finns så många att jag inte vet vem du ska tala först.
    Jag ber om ursäkt för de misstag av uttryck men jag ville skriva på svenska respekt för allt som du gör för Rumänien!

         Med avseende Constantin Nitescu!

  12. Hej,

    Det var min flickvän som hittade till din blogg av en slump.
    Högst ovanligt att se en en svensk som talar om Rumänien.

    Är du bosatt där?

    Vore intressant att kanske växla några tankar.



  13. 🙂 I always knew that swedes were closer to my heart than danes even though I am living in DK, but now I am actually sure about it :)!

    vidste ikke om hvis du ku’ dansk eller ej så jeg skrev bare på engelsk..men..

    tack så mycket Yvette!!

  14. Hi Yvette,

    It has been a very nice surprize to discover your blog, especially after living in Sweden for 1 year and having dificulties when I had to state my nationality. I was wondering if you are interested in comming to take part at a discussion I am trying to organise in October next year at the Univsity of Abrdeen. This discussion would be about the stereotypes faced by Romanians in western countries.

    Alexandra Mares

  15. Congratulations to all! I’m glad there are people who see the good part of Romania and the people in it 🙂 good health and all the best!

  16. Hello, Yvette; I just found your letters from 80’s on tedoo.ro and I’ve read them in a couple of minutes; I’m from Constanta and I lived there in this period (born in ’72) – so you can figure it out the huge shock of memories that just punched my mind; I’m still recovering from this knock-out :); your common stories are absolutely great; looking forward to read the whole book; congratulations for this amazing idea; all the best, Traian.

  17. I’m so thankful that I found your blog! I’ve started teaching Romanian to foreigners a while ago and this is truly something to share with them! Best wishes, Laura, Romanian teacher and writer

  18. Hi Yvette! I want to thank you for all your efforts and to let you know that Romanians are grateful for all your work. It is sad to see that we have to wait for foreigners to have such initiatives, to promote our country, and that we cannot do it ourselves. Reading your blog and your posts on fb makes me miss home even more. We start to appreciate things more after we lose it.
    Kind regards,
    A Romanian living in Australia

  19. Hello, Yvette! I just discovered your blog and I am already loving it! I read that you enjoy the Black Sea Coast and the mountains in Romania but you should also check out other objectives in Romania. Besides Bucharest, there are many beautiful cities here and they are worth visiting and promoting 🙂 I am thinking now about Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, Iași, Sighișoara, Timișoara, Brașov, Oradea and even Deva. I do believe you would enjoy visiting them and others, as well, if you didn’t do it already. Best wishes for you!

  20. Bravo! E reconfortant să citesc aici, pentru că îmi aduce aminte de copilărie, adolescență și tinerețe!
    Ești o norocoasă Yvette, iar Mihai este norocos, deasemenea. Sper ca dragostea ta pentru România să nu se schimbe și puțin din ea să se răspândească în inimile oamenilor ce pot face ceva! Orice! Celor ca tine le doresc să rămână așa, inidiferent de cât de tare dor micile răutăți gratuite.
    Mai vreau să văd gândurile adolescentei de atunci și stările de acum, pentru că îmi place cum scrii, deaceea, te rog să continui să scrii.
    Toate cele bune și spor!

  21. I would like to say I love your blog and the wonderful and beautiful things you share as well as the inspiration and smiles you bring in doing so! Thank you for being you and I hope even if you do not accept awards you will accept the sentiment expressed as I honor you with one. There is no prize that comes with the award other than my appreciation and being grateful you are part of our world and making a difference by sharing in such a positive way…
    I have posted the award and link to it here I hope you will accept it or at least the sentiment behind it! http://artisticlyxpressedthoughts.wordpress.com/2014/03/27/awards-and-shared-gifts/

    With love,

  22. Interesting and useful blog I’ve just come across. I’ve been blogging from the Carpathian mountains for the past 4 years and notice that your “literature” and “paintings” sections are still blank. Perhaps I can help? I did a series of 10 post at the turn of the year on various aspects of “Encountering Romania” – and have some 400 pages of downloaded material on (neglected) Romanian painters of the early part of the last century….as a prelude to the booklet I produced a couple of years ago on “Bulgarian Realists”…….
    Just today, I posted about a great Romanian architect of the first half of the 20th Century……..

    1. That’s great ! I will look into your blog more thorough ! it would be fantastic if you would like to help with those pages !
      Many thanks, Yvette

  23. Florin – very kind of you to comment …and encourage…I hope to post a link in a few days to the latest version of my little Guide to Romanian culture…..I’m having a problem with the website link……

  24. Salut! Hallå!

    I just decided myself to learn something more about swedish way of life (because i liked very much my trip in Sweden last year). So, I started a 30 days project of translating in Romanian some Swedish sayings. Maybe it will be fun for you to read them in Romanian, discover the original and comment.

    Some of my thoughts about Sweden you can find here:

    Ha en trevlig dag!

  25. You are so nice by promoting Romania, I am gladly impressed. Thank you! (I am Romanian living in Stockholm)

  26. Hello! I just find out about The Bucharest Lounge, just wanted to thank you and congratulate for the wonderful job you are doing in promoting Romania. Biiiig like for you and your wonderful kids (altough it still hurts the defeat in front of Sweeden in world cup ’94) 🙂 Enjoy your stay in Romania!

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