I remember the first time I entered the National Museum of Art of Romania in Bucharest. Prior to the visit, in 2011,  I knew nothing about Romanian art. Please forgive my ignorance. Maybe we should stop and think for a moment about culture, about the culture bearers and how some cultural items and events becomes worldly known and other things not.

I think, that with Romania, there are many things that would deserve our attention, to be discovered and appreciates by more people. Romanian art, for sure deserves some attention.

The reaction I had as I was discovering the pieces or art, the painters and the museum, was like a child at Christmas. I was so happy and it felt like I was opening a treasure box.

After that inspirational visit I started to be more curious and I learnt about Romanian artists.

Nicolae Grigorescu Nicolae painted these pictures.



Nicolae Tonitza made these paintings:




These paintings are made by Stefan Luchian :


Art of the Balcic area also fascinates me :


By Nicolai Darascu.


By Stefan Dimitrescu

Theodor Aman:


Constantin Daniel Rosenthal:


I will add more pictures here, bit by bit.