Beauty and Meaning.

Those are  the two key words for the Bucharest Lounge.

The frame is Romania and  the topics I write about can be enjoyed by EVERYONE !


I would like to spread  BEAUTIFUL  perspectives of Romania and the Romanians through this blog. I have not found such a forum when googling the subject. Yes, there are plenty of them circulating IN Romania. I want the rest of Europe to know too about the beautiful sides of Romania and:

– Maybe I have this idea of changing people’s ideas and attitudes too?  But that’s hard. Changing attitudes.  I know.  Well, let’s start like this and see where it lands ?

I think Romania has “suffered” enough throughout history , and true, Romania is still in a HUGE development phase. The good thing is that there is POTENTIAL. The challenge is…well, we know already about them.

However, I think it’s enough bad press about Romania and with the Bucharest Lounge I would like to give my contribution balancing that negativity out and sharing  BEAUTIFUL pictures of the country and BEAUTIFUL stories about the generous people living there.

Western European media doesn’t give a sufficient and adeqvat picture of this beautiful country.


When I write this blog I look through the lenses of MEANINGFULNESS. When I live life  I want to live with meaning too. Who doesn’t ?  However, sometimes I don’t manage and have to keep reminding myself.

Why ? In the place where I live, Scandinavia, we are technocrats. We rely a lot of technology that works. We hand in our tax return on the net, we pay parking fees through our mobile phone, we send each other links when someone asks for help.

We are busy and we live in societies that are efficient. We found ways of making things simpler with technology.  Simpler, true, but did we miss out something ? Or is it just me ? I experience that we are so busy we often forget to take a stand about important things.  We have so much choice now , so we use the explanation that : ” I don’t have time to take a stand, it’s just too much to take a stand for”.

We need to take the time. We need to take a stand with the purpose of changing things.

People make change happen. People like you and I.


9 thoughts on “BEAUTY AND MEANING

  1. 21/1
    I, too, have fallen in love with Romania. It began in December of 2010 when I met a friend, Ioana. You seem to see Romania with the same eyes I do. I am saddened by the way my friend has to live. I read of how Romania has a 7% unemployment rate. So very far from what is reality. Ioana works 13 hours a day 6 days a week and earns 1100 lei per MONTH. I plan on writing a book on life post 1989 from her perspective. Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. I LOVE YOU YVETTE LARSSON! Respect, always! We’ve always been our worst enemies and foreigners loved our country more them we did. A piece of advice: Please ensure that you do not get involved into romanian politics especially to support/work with centre left parties like the socialists-bolsevics (i.e. the guy with the flag from University square) ! They are the gangrene of modern democratic society and the worst enemy of the rule of law in Romania! Do not hesitate to befriend romanian people that lives in Sweden and not only, as they might be able advise you and even help you with your project!

    Yours sincerly Mihai Corcodel

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