iQads :


Digi24 OAMENII :

The PR Journal : The IA / Romanian blouse as a Romanian brand:

TEDx Bucharest 2015 :

Tedx Bucharest 2015

Article in Calatorii de Singular : The smell of Thyme or Romania through the five senses:

Article in Romania Autentica:


Interview for Realitatea TV, December 2016 :                             

 Interview for Rolanda:                                          

Interview for RFI / Ioana Hasu:

Digi24 OAMENII :

Article in Hello Romania:

Interview in Rolanada:

In Digi 24 / Bonton :

Yvette Larsson / The Bucharest Lounge in Kanal-D, Romanian TV, 2013.


Interview in DANAP.RO, 2012 :

Radio interview/  Europa FM, Romania, 2013:

Radio interview in Radio France Internationale, Romania, 2013:

Interview in Tara Fagarasului, February 2013:

Interview in PhotoXplorers, April 2013:

Nomination, June 2013 :

Interview in Folklorique, July 2013:

TV, July 2013: Lumea lui Banciu:

Talk in Paris, France at the Romania Culture Institute. Rebranding Romania : “Discover the Mania in Romania, June 2013.

The talk :

Comments in Business Review Romania :

Round the table debate at the University of Malmö, Sweden. May 2013: Keep Calm and Fight Romanian Stereotypes:

Dan Tanasa blog, July 2013 :

In French :

In English :

Photo shooting session for Femeia Magazine, July 2013. The article will be published in the September issue.

Restaurant La Copac, Bucharest, Romania.
Restaurant La Copac, Bucharest, Romania.


Journalist Adriana Moscu Budura  and I, at La Copac, Bucharest, Romania.


Photographer Vlad Stanescu and Journalist Adriana Moscu Budura  at La Copac, Bucharest, Romania.

Restaurant La Copac, Bucharest, Romania.


Photographer Vlad Stanesc at La Copac, Bucharest, Romania.

Article in Femeia Magazine, September 2013: 



Article about rebranding Romania in ” EastOK Europe” , online magazine : 

Rest is not Pest, but there is Mania in Romania

In Formula AS : 

formula as

In Gandul, Romania :

In Forbes, Romania :

In :

In Lady’s Dowry- words about cultural identity :

In Swedish media :

Breakthrough :

From tourist to local : / Rolandia Travels :

“Romania in words and pics” in Romania Business Insider:

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