I came to Romania for the first time in 1985.  I was 13 years old and  traveled with my parents and  grandparents to Mamaia for holidays.  It was cheap to go to Romania, and the region was  quite unexplored for Westerners due to the fact that  Romania was under Communism at that time.

IMG_2367 IMG_2639

At the Perla Shopping Centre, Mamaia, 1985 with my parents and grandparents. 

Today, there is lots that can be done regarding tourism in Romania. The Black Sea Coast could be developing. In Sweden we  see and hear very little from Romania. That was the main reason why I started this blog and later the Facebook page, to rebrand Romania and to invite people back.

Romania is so close, but yet so very far away in people’s minds, in western Europe.

With regards to service by the Black Sea coast I have this to say.

There is  a lot to be done with regards to servicemindedness and speaking a second language, amongst people within tourism. I was surprised that so few young people spoke English by the Black Sea coast.

I can understand that people within tourism is not paid well and not very motivated. Hence, an area of improvement.

But hey, who am I to say all those things? They are my own personal opinions. Instead of thinking and talking, maybe I should start a Service School for staff within tourism.

Here are the pictures from the seaside. Meet Constanta, Mamaia and Novodari.

We had a fantastic time !!!


The Casino, 2011.


IMG_8191 IMG_8198 IMG_8206 IMG_8208

The Dacia Sud hotel, 2015. I stayed there with my parents in 1985. As it was my 30th Anniversary since I came to Romania for the first time, I wanted to stay at the same hotel, now with my own children.


IMG_7928 IMG_7935 IMG_7936  IMG_7937IMG_7938


24 thoughts on “SEASIDE

  1. The airport of Constanta is in such a bad shape that air traffic is reducing from year to year. Besides that, the investments in the hotels (except the very luxurious ones like Iaki, Rex or Bucuresti devoted to the local “elite”) are totally insufficient. But, if you are patient and want to explore the coast, you will find paradisiac spots – the water is quite clear and the night fever as torrid as a few years ago : by (more or less) ibizian standards…

    1. Further to the “Aldo Haesler” comment about ‘clear water’, I have MANY photos of Romanian lakes, mostly copied from FACEBOOK.
      Nearly every picture of the landscape has a mirror image on the lake!

      1. Mamaia is booked out every Summer with tourists from Bucharest. I guess nobody bothers to get other countries in as well or fix anything up. The Black Sea is badly polluted, I wouldn’t recommend swimming in there.
        And a mirror image of any water doesn’t tell you it’s clean.

    2. the airport from constanta is a very small airport, aldo! it is almost for military cases…and it is located in a little town called Kogalniceanu not in Constanta! the same thing i may say about venice-treviso airport from italy…and that is not for special cases but for common people! are you italian? aldo seems to be italian name but haesler not

      1. I know Kogalniceanu quite well, dear Sara. Ten years ago, it was possible to fly from Paris to this airport. Nowadays, you need to go to Istanbul and it is rather expensive. We have an appartment in Constanta, my wife is from there, and we spent as much time as possible near Portul Tomis.

    1. Turism and art ….. : True ! And I would like to help out with this one !!! My way . Small steps. I want to help bringing people there, from HERE. There is so crazy amazingly potential in Romania !!!!

      1. Check this out:

        It’s a video made by two Romanian students for Leeds Romanian society.Do you like it?
        I think that the merry cemetery is much more interesting than Dracula.

      2. Thank you ! – Yes, I ve was sent this one on Facebook yesterday. True, i like it a lot. Feels modern and fresh. Yes, Romanian Tourism must try and draw the attention to things oher than Dracula. Vlad Tepes is interesting too. A true Romanian, however, there is so much more.

  2. Hi, I love in Constanta for almost three years now and it is not easy. It seems I am the only Expat woman here. In Winter it gets very depressing and there is not much to do. If only I could fly out from time to time to see me family in Austria but even with the new Highway it is no fun driving up to Bucharest. Some Romanians told me that they don’t like Constanta either because people are unfriendly and it is even for them hard to make friends. Bucharest is so different. People are more open to foreigners. I wish I could learn Romanian but I was told that 5 people have to sign up for a course but so far it’s only me. I have a computer program but it would be nice to be able to leave the house. I wish for aRomanians to wake up and be more open for change.

    1. Hi Angie,

      Why don’t you get a tutor ? I had one for a month when I was in Bucharest in October . It was B R I L L I A N T . MAke sure your personalities match.
      Oh, why are you in Constanta if you don’t like it ? Personally I like it. I’m always there with friends and we have a good time:-)
      What do you mean that the Romanians should wake up and change ?

      Thanks for contributing ! I’m curious to hear you !

  3. I had a tutor but I am at home so much and would love to get out of the house and meet people. I am in Constanta because of my husbands work. If I would be here with my friends for a short time I maybe would like it more. Living somewhere and going on a holiday is different thing. Have you been here in winter? When I talk to Romanians they tell me they want the Communism back because now life is even harder. When my husbands tries to make changes in the office they get scarred and do only things you tell them to do but would never put any of their own thoughts into the project. It can’t go on like this. But slowly young people try to make better changes but all they want is get out of Romania and that’s no help either.

    1. Angie,
      I think a lot of Romanian people outside of Bucuresti, have almost been ‘institutionalised’ to the strict pre-revolution era. They are scared to offer a new idea because it was always the state who had ideas. People were just there to do as they were told!
      Unfortunately, your husband has a tough job in teaching ‘new tricks to an old dog’, as we say in England! :-))

  4. …for Angie and any other foreigner wanting to visit Constanta

    I was born in Constanta and I spent my first 18 years of my life there. My family and best friends are there. And yes the city is dull and grey and ugly, only spring and summer makes it more…”alive”. But even now you can escape the dullness of it. And trust me when I tell you that when I come back home for holiday I end up discovering hidden cozy cafeterias somewhere in the city center and I am amazed by how fast they grow and appear. But then again, winter is almost over and when the temperatures are going to rise again, spring is the best time of the year. Try the parks in a month’s time and I can tell you some cafeterias you might enjoy with your husband. Some of them make the best teas and hot chocolates in the city. 😛

    …but summer time. Hmmmm there is a place one hour by bus from the city towards the border with Bulgaria that might be better than Constanta’s sea coast. You sleep in tents on the beach, you bathe naked and party until morning.

  5. I visited Romania last year and also went to the seaside. We stayed in Eforie Nord and only went to Constanta twice for dinner as it is very close. I agree that Romania has a lot to offer tourism-wise, however, when you see crowds around Eiffel Tower and places like that you think, maybe it’s even better, it’s so different in Romania, so peaceful. We went there at the beginning of June and it’s supposed to be non-season even though the air t° was 30 degrees C. I was told in season time you can’t find a spot where to put a towel, what’s gonna happen when those tourist crowds appear?

  6. If you live near the sea you don’t go to the beach everday, wouldn’t be healthy for the skin and it is so crowed and noisy. The water here is full with algea when it gets hot, smells badly. We love running and cycling but you cant do things like this here, stray dogs and people drive their cars like crazy here. I give up trying to change something. Another two years and we are out of here.

  7. Constanta airport just gets fixed at the moment. I hope they do a better job than in the Rest of Constanta.

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