Revolution Square. Km 0. Ceausescu’s communism ended here. Romania today has , and still is

going through great deal of development. I wonder how the identity of a whole people

may have changed when the constitution changed so rapidly, from closed to open ?

Old Town, could easily walk there a whole day. Beautiful architecture just as I love it. Cosy, small and creative shops.

Nice cafés and restaurants. Market on Fridays.

Old meets new. Everywhere you go in Bucharest.

Just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Marriott Hotel and the car park… This was not there when I

visited Romania as  teenager 1985.

Driving is very Latin here…

Old Town in the morning. Market on Fridays.

Winter in amazing Bucharest.

L’arc de Triomphe. Bucharest was called Little Paris before. Re-discover this vibrant  city

Caru cu Bere, restaurant in the Old Town. Beautiful setting and extensive menu. All Romanian food.




11 thoughts on “BUCHAREST

  1. The Bucharest Lounge is wonderful!
    I love your range of photos showing the less obvious, but still interesting shots.
    Next time I am in Bucharest I must take more photos!
    Unfortunately, when I was there in August 2012… it was 40+ centigrade every day outside! So, I visited all the air conditioned museums!
    Thank you for a terrific website!

  2. Jättefint Yvette! Jag är glad att hitta din blog och läsa dina artiklar om Rumänien! Kanon bra

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