Some words are not easy to translate. One of the Romanian words that falls into that category is ‘ dor ‘.  The translation of the word is ‘longing’, but it is so much more than that.

This is how my soul experience the word.

Dor is a very strong, intense, warm feeling inside. It is about who I am as a human being, my roots and my passions and how  I connect to other people in kindness.

Dor means  my deepest desires, hopes and dreams. It’s my faith, my belief in eternity and also longing to the people and places that make me happy.

Dor manifests itself  through my yearning for bigger concepts such as liberty for all, democracy, freedom of expression, peace.

It is also the longing to be more in the countryside, to feel the forest air when I breathe or feel the cold crispness of minus degrees biting my cheeks, just like in Gällivare, Lapland, where I was born. It is a longing for all mankind to connect more to nature, in order to feel more balanced and harmonious.

My longing is  for Romania and  to be able to live there. Every time I arrive at the airport in Bucharest, a special peace absorbs me and I feel relaxed in all my body. It is a full body-mind-soul experience of being at home.

I travel from a highly organized and efficient Sweden, to Romania, where life is more unpredictable, passionate and less organized. Maybe it is the tension, where contrasts meet.. My cold Swedish organized soul seeks more life and I am able to find this in Romania. My longing for Romania is about feeling alive and connecting with who I am, as a PERSON, fully.

For me Romania is like a dear, loved friend for which I care so much. It is like coming home for me, being in Romania.  There is a lot of value for all mankind if we look at the Romanian villages and life there. We are yearning for sustainability and more ecological living all over the western world. The Romanian village captures all of it. Romania is a treasure on a very human level. People are friendly and helpful. Sometimes I think that when people are struggling, they become more kind and helpful with each other. If a Romanian has two apples, he will give one to a friend or even a stranger.

My dor is for Romanians too, in their struggles and sufferings.




Here you can read an interview with me on the subject of ‘dor’, made with Romanian brand  Iutta :

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