When I was in Romania in 1985, that was 4 years before the Revolution, I remember my family and I were complaining about having schnitzel every evening at the restaurant at the hotel.

A Romanian friend said later to me : “You should’ve  been happy having that every day, we had meat 4 times per year in those days. For Easter , on the National Day the 23rd of August, at Christmas and when the president had his birthday”.

Today, food in Romania is very Mediterranean inspired. Fruits and vegs are everywhere. Finding Honey, nuts and cheese at a Romanian market is  like going to a French equivalent. Inviting and abundant.

I would become a vegetarian if I lived there…

So fresh

Forget about apples : A chili a day keeps the doctor away…

One of a kind. Yes, Romania is that. Unexplored. In Europe. Go see it, before everyone else does !

Garlic…goes with…almost anything ! Super healthy .


Chocolate cake sold at the Market in the Old Town. MONDIEU, are they good with sweet things!!!

If ever invited to a Romanian home to eat….say YES!!!! Homemade food is great ! This is sarmale.

SARMALE, one of my Romanian favourites : Minced meat and rice wrapped in cabbage or wine leaves.

WWalnuts….look at the size. Imagine the crispiness of those gorgeous ones.




Lovely fresh bread in the morning from a corner bakery in Bucharest.

4 thoughts on “FOOD

  1. Well, the offer is Mediterranean, but our habits are more German-like :Romanian eat fatty meat, ham, fries and white bread, in winter mostly, convinced that what fills the stomach is good and veggies are useless.But maybe that depends on the region.
    Luckily, we are not fans of processed foods.

    1. actually, we eat fatty because the winters used to be so cold. same for palinca and tuica…
      there was no global warming back then…

  2. REAL food.
    Mmmm, I agree!
    Whenever I visit Romania my digestive system thanks me by working perfectly!
    I find the “Caru cu Bere” an excellent example of a restaurant. A wonderful range of foods, properly cooked and also, very friendly staff.

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