I am  discovering wonderful museums in Romania since 2011.

Both small and large.

Here are some of my  favourites ones in Bucharest to start with :

The Village Museum / Muzeul National al Satului “Dimitrie Gusti”

This is an Open Air museum where you can walk through all regions or Romania and appreciate the different architecture, learn history and sometimes enjoy a handicraft workshop or a traditional market.

The Peasant’s Museum / Muzeul National al Taranului Roman organizes often markets. There you can find high quality products.

National Museum of Art  of Romania / Muzeul National de Arta al Romaniei 

I remember the first time I entered the National Museum of Art of Romania in Bucharest.

Prior to the visit, in 2011,  I knew nothing about Romanian art. Please forgive my ignorance. Maybe we should stop and think for a moment about culture, about the culture bearers and how some cultural items and events becomes worldly known and other things not.

I think, that with Romania, there are many things that would deserve our attention, to be discovered and appreciates by more people. Romanian art, for sure deserves some attention.

The reaction I had as I was discovering the pieces or art, the painters and the museum, was like a child at Christmas. I was so happy and it felt like I was opening a treasure box.

After that inspirational visit I started to be more curious and I learnt about Romanian artists.


National Museum of Romanian History/ Muzeul National de Istorie a Romaniei


George Antipa National Museum of Natural History/ Muzeul National de Isorie Naturala George Antipa 



In Mandra, Transylvania:

Muzeul de Panze si Povesti Take a close look here, as good things happen in Mandra :


Here is an extensive list of museum in Bucharest and its’ vicinity :