The main building and another house  at the children’s camp (orphanage) in VALEA SCREZI has burned down in PRAHOVA county in  Romania. It moved me a lot to hear the story of the priest Father NICOLAE TANASE and how he has built it up and how he care for those children. As Romania is a place in the world that is dear to me I felt an instant urge to help in someway.

I want to contribute in helping those kids and I hope YOU will too ! There are 400 people of which 180 kids at that orphanage and they need clothes, school material and food. They also need economical support and construction material.

I thought : How can my community and I help ? WE CAN HELP by sending ONE ITEM of KIDS CLOTHES (all sizes from babies to teenagers) and ONE ITEM of SCHOOL MATERIAL ( Notebook, pens, etc ).

If all my Facebook friends would help I’d had 600 items to send to those kids.

COPENHAGEN : For those of you who live in Copenhagen : I will collect clothes and school materials (and toys ) between 9-14th of January  I will take your items in the Primary Year’s Building at CIS after drop-off, all week.

THANKS to those who already contributed TODAY, Monday.

I will update the progress here on the blog so you can follow where your contribution goes.

On Saturday th 14 th we are doing a collection at Cafe Stunden, Malmö. Hosted by Betty Djordjevska.

This is the letter I got from a friend of mine when I asked about  a translation about more information about this Priest

– What he is doing there? Well,I will need to spend 2 hours in front of PC to tell you. Short :  He takes in any kid who is abandoned, from poor families, the ones who escape from state run orphanages (because the conditions there are very bad and they run away all the time), handicapped, kids with no families, young mothers not to have an abortion and instead telling them he will take the kid after she’ ll give birth, he also takes in old poor people,etc.   He has like a small village there. He built 17 houses, where they live, everybody has to work one way or another, they have a small farm , small field with crops and vegetables, is like that priest is father-mother-mayor-psychologist-doctor everything in one for that kids. It burned down in the fire the administrative offices , the kids club with all the toys in it, the warehouse, the kitchen and the lunch hall, the room where everybody was eating.

If you want to donate money, you can do so, directly to the PRO VITA Foundation :


NAMN , ADRESS och FISCAL KOD på organisationen Asociatia Pro Vita pentru născuți și nenăscuțiVălenii de Munte, b-dul Nicolae Iorga, nr.72, Bloc C1, sc II, ap. 8, jud. Prahova.cod fiscal 7250 977
Konto nummer: 2511.A01.0.1184390.0211.EUR.3BCR Sucursala Vălenii de Munte
IBAN KOD RO85 RNCB 0211 0118 4390 0003
BANK KOD 53940
NAMN PÅ BANKEN Banca Comercială Română
ADRESS PÅ BANKEN Str. Berevoieşti nr. 6 – Vălenii de Munte, Prahova

Here are 3 links. They are in Romanian , but I placed them here so you could see with your own eyes.



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